Microsoft Azure is the public cloud figure which is now a great choice for business owners of all sizes. Azure always offers the largest network of security private connections, data centres as well as storage solutions of different cloud providers. Today, almost 80% of Fortune 500 Companies are totally dependent on the Microsoft Cloud Computing System. 

The increasing demand for Cloud services helps companies to move faster and work anywhere and save money. As Azure is high demanding and continuously expanding, so gaining Azure skills is now important for IT professionals. Whether you are planning to build your career in System Administrator or DevOps or in App Development, learning and getting trained in Azure starting from the Azure Fundamentals Certification, will provide your skills to develop and maintain important Cloud services which will keep your business ahead of the curve. 

What are the Skills Required to Learn Azure:

Azure is very much user-friendly. If you are planning to launch your career in Azure, it is also necessary to understand some related technologies before you enter into this platform. Here are some of the top skills which will help you to learn about Azure:

Knowledge of Microsoft: You should be experienced in using products like PowerShell and Office 365 that will help you to understand how such programs are working with Azure.

Cloud Computing: You need to understand the core services and how such services like databases, networking, software function in the cloud and servers are working. Any prior experience with other Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide you with the skills that can transition to Azure.

Programming: If you want to develop any application on Azure, knowledge in open-source frameworks including ASP.NET and in different programming languages like HTML 5, SQL Server and JavaScript would definitely help you go head. 

Learn Azure Step by Step: 

Azure and Cloud Administration is not so easy to learn within a few days. You need to do the ongoing training on different resources and tools which will guide you about new issues as well as updates.

There are lots of learning options you can get through online from which you can get access to virtual instructor-led training, articles; Microsoft based online content, eBooks and also mentoring services. Today there are many academies that will provide online or offline training on Cloud Computing Azure and prepare you for job interviews. You can take Azure training in Chennai or any other place of India or the world either online or offline to gain knowledge and skill and become certified Azure professionals. 

Azure learning has three professional tracks – Fundamentals, Core and Advanced. With the Microsoft Azure Certified program, you would be able to accelerate your career in Azure and become a seasoned Azure pro and stand out yourself among the other IT candidates. Learning Azure will also provide you with the skills to:

  • Handle unexpected Cloud Challenges
  • Allow Remote Access when Caring Business Data
  • Scale Storage without Spending a Fortune
  • Confidently Protect your Cloud Business and so on.

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Increase Your Azure Skill & Knowledge with Certification Program:

Online instructor-led training or offline training courses in Azure from a well-known institute will definitely provide you with hands-on training to become a master in Azure so that you can gain real-world experience by deploying databases, creating virtual apps, designing web apps and more in Azure. Training in Azure will help you to build up your cloud skills for which many businesses are looking today.

Microsoft itself offers various certifications for the fresher, associates and advanced expert level IT professionals interested in driving their career in Azure solutions. Find below some of the most popular Azure certification programs provided by Microsoft:

MCSA – Linux on Azure: It is an associate-level certification course where you will gain the knowledge to architect, integrate and maintain intricate Linux solution which uses Azure open-source capabilities. It will also show that you have Linux system administration skills. 

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates) – Cloud Platform: It will demonstrate the skill of the candidate in Microsoft Cloud related technologies and prepare you for the position of cloud Architect or Cloud Administrator. 

MCSA – Web Applications: The candidates with such certification holders are capable enough of creating and organizing modern services and web applications. Taking MCSA Web applications certification will make you qualify for the mid-level position as a web administrator or web developer. 

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure: After getting the MCSA level of certification, it is time to take an expert level of certification. The MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification holder candidate can show their expertise in Cloud technologies systems management, identity management, virtualization, networking and storage. 

So, whether you want to enhance your resume or become fluent and expertise in Azure, taking proper Azure training and certification course from a well-known institution will provide you with the genuine skills and knowledge to become proficient in Azure. Azure certified holder IT professionals can able to get various Azure related jobs including Cloud Developer, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Architect and more as per their experience.

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