Agility and speed are the keys for any big or small organization to succeed. Moving to cloud services is not an option as it has become a mandatory and smart choice to move on. Cloud services can bring that speed and quickness by enabling the speedy pace in development, managing services and deployment of the application on a huge scale throughout the global network. Cloud services whether it is AWS or Azure always provide high security, low cost, a global footprint which can easily increase productivity with frameworks and powerful tools. Today, Microsoft Azure is leading the cloud platform today which has been evolving in magnitude over the past few years and provides a wide range of services for almost every scenario that you required for your business. As the demand for Microsoft Azure has been increased, the requirement for a skilled person in Azure is also increasing. So, the craze of completing the Azure course to get a certified Azure candidate is also going to increase.

Here are the top 10 Azure Cloud Services that every learner should know if you are willing to build your career in Azure.

|| Scope of Microsoft Azure Training & Certification Program ||

Why should you learn Azure?

If you are working on Microsoft Platform in whatever role you are working whether it is Engineer in test, Development Engineer, Program Manager, Engineering Consultant or may be Architecture, understanding the fundamentals of Cloud Computing Services and its usages are mandatory. There are lots of candidates who are excellent in web and mobile app development and also working in several complicated middle layer developments but when it comes to backend architecture and integration, they are not always fit for those positions.

If you are writing code for the API layers, you have to know how they are getting deployed and scaled. Now, if you are a frontend developer, then you must have a fundamental understanding of how the backend is getting implemented, though some other team member of your company will take care of it.

If you are a solution architect, you have the responsibility to deliver value through the functional requirements of the solution. Not only that, but you should also ensure the design of the solution whether it is resilient, scalable, cost-effective, secure and efficient or not. Microsoft Azure helps in developing, designing and building scalable, secure and performing solutions efficiently and rapidly. So, if you are still thinking to start, then it is time to start your journey in Azure.

Different Models of Azure:

There are almost 600+ services that fall under the Azure Platform that cover all aspects which any business organization might require for their activities. Eventually, using all of them, you have to be capable enough to build a scalable, secure solution with high performance and availability.

There are three different models of cloud services according to the responsibility and control over the infrastructure, platform and application.

·       Platform as a Service (PaaS)

·       Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

·       Software as a Service (SaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS): In this case, you have to be responsible for your application and data and the rest of all will be controlled by the service provider. These services are the main part for the developers to start with.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Cloud platforms always provide all types of infrastructure but you have to become responsible for the data, application, operating system and framework. One such example of Azure IaaS is Azure’s Virtual Machine (VM) where Microsoft can able to manage backend infrastructure but the application, framework, operating systems etc. will be under your responsibility.

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Software as a Service (SaaS): It is using a hosted solution like Microsoft Office 0365.

All the above three cloud models are required to build highly scalable, performing, sophisticated, enterprise-grade and integrated solutions. However, PaaS is the most important part for the developers which help them in different aspects. The top ten services of Azure Services are:

·       App Services API Apps

·       App Services Web Apps

·       Application Insights

·       Azure Storage

·       Azure Logic App

·       Azure Cosmos DB

·       Azure DevOps

·       Azure Function App

·       Azure Key Vault

·       Azure Red is Cache

There are so many other Azure Services like VNet, Azure Back Up, Site Recover, Azure Active Directory, Front Door, Stor Simple and many more which are playing important roles for flexible and scalable solutions design.

Key Principles of Azure Solutions: Microsoft Azure will provide a design solution that is efficient, scalable, and secure and can be managed easily. The fundamental principles on which Azure always focus are:

·       Performance

·       Availability

·       Scalability

·       Security

·       Monitoring and Operation

·       Efficiency

Now, if you are able to build any solution by keeping all the above principles in top priorities, the solutions you will get is the topmost one. However, it may happen that all the services may not fulfil your business needs but you can cover up maximum things for any type of LOB application.

Due to its wide usage and popularity, Azure has become one of the top priorities not only among the organizations but also among the developers and other candidates. So, making you a skilled and knowledgeable person is very much essential in this competitive market that can only be possible by taking Azure training in Hyderabad or any place online or offline with a certified course. So, make yourself an Azure certified holder and grab the opportunity.